Puppy Program

Puppies need a tremendous amount of social interaction, physical exercise and mental stimulation to ensure they grow into healthy and well-adjusted dogs. Taught by Kristina Ackerman, our puppy program is designed to give your puppy a complete education that includes basic fundamentals as well as extensive socialization and interaction with other dogs and people. Our complete training program helps minimize the development of troublesome behavior problems such as anxiety and aggression that can result from a lack of proper stimulation, socialization and basic training.

Our Puppy Program includes Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Manners, and Puppy Jr. High that are each taken in succession for maximum retention and skill building. Your puppy will receive a graduation certificate upon completion of each class.

Is your puppy too old to start Puppy Kindergarten (older then 4 months)? Check out our additional puppy obedience training class that covers basic training commands and socialization activities for puppies older then 4 months old.

Puppy Kindergarten

The first class in our Puppy Program is appropriate for puppies ages 2 months to 4 months and is designed to ensure your puppy receives plenty of socialization with different people and other dogs.

Puppy Manners

After successful completion of Puppy Kindergarten your puppy will proceed to our Puppy Manners class designed for puppies 4 to 6 months of age.

Puppy Jr. High

The third and final class in our Puppy Program is designed for puppies starting after 5 month of age who have already completed our Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Manners classes. Puppy Jr. High class will consist of 2 separate classes - Impulse Control II  and Loose Leash Walking II.   Each class is 4 weeks and 1 hour long. They can be taken together the same time or separately, in the order of your choosing. 

MONDAY-FRIDAY:6:30am - 6:00pm
SATURDAY:9am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm
SUNDAY:11am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm
Boarding drop-off/pick-up times vary. Please see our policies for details. Fees may apply at certain times.