Dog Boarding

Here at Oscar’s Pet Resort, we offer luxury boarding services with numerous amenities that surpass your standard boarding kennels. Our environment is clean & odor-free. Each dog will enjoy their own separate suite which provides them a safe, personal space.  As an added benefit, staff members live on the property which provides indirect, overnight supervision.

Amenities Include:

  • 25 inviting suites with a glass door (Sizes vary from 7′ x 4′ – 7″ x 6′)
  • Superior state-of-the-art ventilation system
  • Climate-controlled suites
  • Cooling central air conditioning
  • Radiant in-floor heating
  • Elevated dog beds
  • Daily housekeeping & feeding
  • Customized meal prep
  • Medication administering services (up to 2 meds per administration otherwise $2 fee applied)
  • Soothing music to create a calm & peaceful environment
  • Indoor play areas
  • Outdoor play yards (Astroturf & Grass)
  • Water fun for the hot summer months (Doggie Pools, sprinklers)
  • Educated & skilled Pet Care Technicians to ensure your kiddo is safe & happy
  • Low Stress management tools: Thundershirts, Happie Hoodies, Calming bands, Thundercaps, Calming sprays
  • Loaner supplies available: Beds, blankets, crate, bowls, leashes, coats, collars, harnesses.
  • Chargeable items: food, specialty foods for those having stomach issues, pill pockets, stuffed frozen Kongs

Daily Boarding Schedule:

  • Early AM Potty Break in outdoor play yards
  • Breakfast is served
  • Early AM Play Break in outdoor play yards
  • Mid-Day Potty Break in outdoor play yards
  • Lunch is served (if required)
  • Early PM Play Break in outdoor play yards
  • Dinner is served
  • Bedtime Potty Break in outdoor play yards
  • Bedtime snack

Potty/Play Breaks are conducted with a carefully selected group of dogs in our off leash play areas. If your dog is not dog friendly, they will receive 3 Private Potty Breaks & two 15-minute Private Play sessions in their own individual play yard with one of our skilled Pet Care Technicians. Please refer to our Off Leash Play Policy/Requirements.

Boarding Prices

1st Dog Overnight: $60.00/night (cash price)
2nd Dog in Same Suite: (25% off) $45 ($105) cash price
3rd Dog in Same Suite: (50% off) $30 ($135) cash price
All rates and policies are subject to change without notice.
3 night minimum applies over Summer and holidays.

ATTENTION NEW CLIENTS: Please review the Boarding Requirements:
1) REGISTER ONLINE – or call to have a paper copy mailed to you. Once we receive your request we will contact you for the next step.
2) SCHEDULE/COMPLETE – Parent Tour, Dog Evaluation Day & paperwork (Service Agreement, Proof of Vaccines, $40 Evaluation fee, $30 fee for each additional dog).

2024 SUMMER BOARDING Season– Please schedule Parent Tour & Dog Evaluation Day before the end of February 2024 if planning Summer boarding. Any reservation forms submitted after February 2024 are subject to availability.

Required Vaccinations

  • Distemper/Parvo Combination
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies (MUST have Rabies Certificate)

Check In / Check Out

Please see our Policy page for details and weekend boarding hours.

Add On Services:

boarding facility
dog in boarding kennel

Dog Training Session (DTS):

This service is provided by our Certified Dog Trainers and is available for dogs who could use some extra training with basic skills or behavior modification while boarding.


  • Teach/refresh basic skills – sit, down, stay, come, leave it, loose leash walking
  • Improve body handling skills – brushing, nail trims, bathing, ear cleans
  • Behavior Modification – to address fear, aggression or impulse control
  • Open to other requests of your choice.

  • $25 – 15 minutes
  • $50 – 30 minutes

  • Kristina Ackerman
  • Michelle Carroll
  • Kara Petersheim
  • April Hartman

Active Dog Session (ADS):

Is your dog very active and in need of more stimulation? Our Pet Care Technicians can provide your active dog with extra play or enrichment to increase their physical/mental activity while boarding.


  • Enrichment – brain games, puzzles, tricks
  • Exercise – adventure walks, treadmill training, agility, swimming (in our pond), water play (sprinklers, doggie pool), fetch, flirt pole
  • Socialization – trip to Lowes or Greenfield Park for a walk, buddy play (off leash play with appropriate playmate, if applicable)
  • Open to other requests of your choice.


  • $25 – 15 minutes
  • $50 – 30 minutes


You can also add a “Goodbye Bubble Bath” to freshen your pooch before going home:

dog in bath tub getting a bath


  • Small dog bath starting at $40
  • Medium dog bath starting at $45
  • Large dog bath starting at $55
  • XLarge dog bath starting at $65

For a more extensive grooming options, please visit our Grooming page for details.

Off Leash Play Policy:

  • Your dog has completed/passed a Dog Evaluation (evaluates dog/human greetings, play and basic skills).
  • Your dog must be spayed/neutered if over 6 months of age.
  • Your dog has had off leash exposure to a group of dogs (minimum of 2 or more) and enjoys socializing with other dogs in an off leash group environment.
  • Your dog shows no aggression towards dogs/humans. (Parents are required to notify the Resort if their dog has ever bitten a dog/human.)
  • Your dog plays appropriately and exhibits good control of their emotions.
  • Your dog displays the ability to take/give appropriate corrections.
  • Your dog is not an excessive barker.
  • Your dog responds well to basic skills (Name, Recall, Sit, Off, Leave it) for proper Lifeguarding from staff.