Dog Boarding

Looking for luxury dog boarding that goes way beyond a simple dog kennel? Board your dog with Oscar’s Pet Resort and let your pet enjoy their vacation as much as you do!

We offer clean, odor-free accommodations that include a state-of-the-art ventilation system and 25 climate-controlled suites with central air conditioning in the summer and radiant in-floor heating in the winter.

Each dog will enjoy their own separate suite, giving them a safe and truly personal experience. As an added benefit, staff members live in the house adjacent to Oscar’s, providing indirect, overnight supervision.

Our goal is to have Parents be knowledgeable of how their dog responds to a new environment; understand each dog’s needs for handling, play/social interactions, anxiety assessment & management, and the dog’s response to containment so the boarding experience can be enriched. We understand not every dog enjoys being away from their parents, while some dogs have a hard time transitioning into a new environment/routine. Let us evaluate your dog and determine what is his/her best fit for overnight care!

Boarding Prices

1st Dog Overnight: $60.00/night (cash price)

2nd Dog in Same Suite: (25% off) $45 ($105) cash price

3rd Dog in Same Suite: (50% off) $30 ($135) cash price

3 night minimum applies over Summer and holidays.

ATTENTION NEW CLIENTS: There is a required parent tour & dog evaluation day to be completed before reserving any boarding dates for your dog(s). Please call the office to see about availability for a tour and evaluation day.

2023 SUMMER BOARDING Season– Please schedule your tour & dog evaluation day before the end of February 2023 if planning Summer boarding. Any registration forms submitted after February 2023 are subject to availability.

All rates and policies are subject to change without notice.

Required Vaccinations

  • Distemper/Parvo Combination
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies (MUST have Rabies Certificate)

Check In / Check Out

Please see our Policy page for details and weekend boarding hours.

Our Boarding Accommodations:

boarding facility
dog in boarding kennel

All Inclusive pricing includes:

  • Neat and Clean 7′ x 4′ or 7′ x 5′ or 7″ x 6′ Suite Room with Glass Door
  • Each Guest enjoys Elevated bed and daily Housekeeping services
  • Catering to Your Dog’s Diet by Feeding the Meals You Provide
  • Soothing Music creates a Calm and Peaceful environment
  • Administering Needed Medication (up to 2 meds per administration otherwise $2 fee applied)
  • Each Guest will have at least Five outdoor potty breaks per day beginning early in the morning and ending at bedtime
  • Superior Air Ventilation keeping Air Fresh and Clean all day, every day
  • Play sessions (Private Play or Group Play options available). See Play Sessions.

Play Includes:

  • Dog Friendly Pups: Morning Group play session, Midday Recess, and Afternoon Group play session in Our Indoor/Outdoor Play Yards with Carefully-Selected Playmates
    (See Off Leash Play Policies below)
  • Human Friendly Pups: Morning 20 minute session, Midday Recess, and Afternoon 20 minute session of Private Play in Our Indoor/Outdoor Play Yards or Field. Activities are carefully selected to your dogs interests and may include Adventure Walks (dogs double leashed to staff), Fetch, Playtime with a friend (if appropriate), Obedience games, Specialized activities (facilitating a dogs natural prey drive, nose/hunting skills, and/or agility skills), or snuggle time with staff for those dogs that enjoy human affection.

Off Leash Play Policies:

  • Complete the social assessment (evaluating greetings, play, and basic obedience). The Parent will be a part of ongoing communication of their dog’s behavior throughout the dog’s ongoing assessment and development.
  • Be spayed/neutered if over 6 months of age.
  • Have had off leash exposure to a group of dogs (minimum of 2 or more) and enjoy socializing with other dogs in a off leash group environment.
  • Show no aggression. Parents are required to notify the Resort if their dog has ever bitten a human or another pet OR if their dog has ever been bitten.
  • Play well and appropriately and exhibit good control of their emotions.
  • Display the ability to take dog corrections and/or give appropriate corrections to other dogs.
  • Not be an excessive barker.
  • Listen and know basic obedience skills (Recall to name, Sit, Off, Leave it) to allow our staff to Lifeguard each dog.


While your dog is boarding with us, you may desire additional personalized service to further enrich your dog’s stay.  We have Nose Work games, Agility, Adventure walks, Obedience training, and Trick training as add-ons for $25 per session.

dog in bath tub getting a bath

 You can also add a “Goodbye Bubble Bath” to freshen your pooch before going home:

  • Small dog bath starting at $25
  • Medium dog bath starting at $35
  • Large dog bath starting at $45
  • XLarge dog bath starting at $55

For a more extensive grooming options, please visit our Grooming page for details.

New Customers – Applying is as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Submit an application for boarding online or call the office at 717-397-0726 to have an Application mailed to you. Upon receiving the Application, a staff member will call you to discuss your boarding needs and schedule a facility tour. 2022 Boarding Season – Please schedule your tour & dog evaluation day before the end of February 2022 if planning for Summer boarding. Any registration forms submitted after February 2022 are subject to availability.
  2. Complete a scheduled “Meet and Greet” and tour of the facility (please bring your dog). During the staff guided tour you we will discuss our daily operations, review our potty & play schedules, and answer your questions. All proof of current vaccinations are due at this time, as well as a signed service agreement is completed so both parties are aware of each other’s obligations and expectations are met. See General Policy page.
  3. Management staff will follow up with a phone call after the tour to review all policies and discuss your dog’s individualized care and schedule a day that works for your schedule to evaluate your dog’s comfort level in our pet friendly environment. A $40.00 fee is applied at time of evaluation ($25.00 for each additional dog). Fee is applied whether dog is approved for services or not.
  4. Let us evaluate your dog(s). Each dog guest attends an Evaluation Day in our Daycare program to complete the boarding evaluation (and dog-dog social assessment if indicated). A senior staff member will evaluate your dog’s ability to adjust to a new environment, assess for any separation or containment anxiety, and complete an exercise evaluation to determine what type of mental & physical stimulation is best for your dog (private play versus dog group play), all while getting to know your dog. A $40.00 fee is applied at time of evaluation ($25.00 for each additional dog). Fee is applied whether dog is approved for services or not at completion of the Observation Day. Management staff will provide a report describing your dog’s behavior with other humans and/or dogs, obedience, and level of comfort in a “new” environment. Any concerns will be discussed and options of additional support that can be provided if indicated.