Our Facility

Oscar’s Pet Resort is situated on a beautiful 60 acre farm known as Trout Spring Farm, an historic 8th generation Kreider owned farm (deeded in 1765). The farm was transformed from a dairy farm to our expansive pet care facility in 2006 and designed to allow the beauty and “feel” of the outside to flow into the inside of the facility.

The facility is climate controlled with in-floor heating in the winter months and central air conditioning in the summer for maximum comfort. Our state of the art ventilation system provides a guaranteed odor-free experience for our guests and their human companions.

The hotel portion of our facility contains 25 dog suites with glass front doors and a decorated theme in each room. The Cattery features 6 luxury cat condominiums with 5 levels for cats to hide, play or sleep. All overnight guests receive once a day “maid” service as well as opportunities for interaction and play throughout the day.

Our grooming facilities feature state of the art equipment and provide complete grooming services for both dogs and cats including baths and haircuts, nail trimming, flea treatment and deskunking. We also offer special deshedding services for dogs.

Training services are performed in our climate controlled and spacious gymnasium or our large Doggie Dome that features artificial turf. All our sports program take place in the Doggie Dome, providing the necessary space for all the offered recreational activities. The environment for training is spacious, bright and fun to maximize the effectiveness of our training programs and provide the best learning conditions possible for each dog.