What’s New

Dog Licenses

Do not forget to get your pooch a 2024 Dog License http://www.padoglicense.com/.  Your pet is subject to a $75 fine if the PA State Dog Warden inspects us and your dog does not have a license.

Weekend office Hours Changes

Office open Saturday and Sunday 9-11 AM and 4 – 6 PM.

Vaccine Information

Once or twice a year we hear or see of cold symptoms spread from dog to dog in Lancaster.  This results in questions about what causes the obnoxious coughing symptoms & the effectiveness of our required vaccines.  Here are some good articles to explain our required vaccines.  Please seek further information from your Veterinarian.

Dog Socialization

Here is a “MUST READ” article for every parent on Understanding Dog-Dog Sociability.

Boarding, Daycare, and Training Customers

Here is a well written article on Dog aggression.  Please also see our General Policies to see how we handle Dog aggression for our staff and guest safety.
Our Service Agreement

Boarding Clients

Please remember to reserve your pooches spot in the Groom Parlor so he/she can come home smelling clean!  Many of our  guests love getting dirty in the playgrounds and being outside playing in the water.   If your dog has a tendency to develop hair tangles/matting, please reserve a daily brush out to prevent tangles/mats from developing.

Grooming before and after photos