Impulse Control – 5 Weeks

Many dogs develop bad habits over time including poor door manners that can be troublesome for their owners. In most cases, dogs simply act on impulse and do what comes naturally for them. They are often excited to meet new people or explore new places. Without the proper training, many dogs don’t learn the social graces, which can create havoc in your home.

Our Impulse Control I and Impulse Control II classes are designed to help your dog to gain more self control and learn, how to behave around distractions minimize and stop unwanted behaviors, like jumping up on people, door bolting, poor near the door manners, meet and greet inside and outside greeting etc.  At the completion of both classes, you will learn how to teach your dog to Sit-Stay, Down-Stay with the duration,distance and distractions indoors and outdoors by using verbal command and hand signal, proper near the door manners, polite meet and greet inside and outside, we will continue to work with Leave it command indoors and outdoors in different situations, reinforcing Recall inside and outside. We will repeat all learned commands throughout the class and introduce distractions along the way to ensure your dog has learned to execute these commands under a variety of circumstances.

This class is also an excellent refresher class for graduates of our basic dog training classadvanced dog training class or our puppy program.

Impulse Control I – In this class dogs start to take their first steps in learning self control, they will learn Sit-Stay, Down-Stay with added duration and distance, we start with Go to Mat/Place training, that is prerequisite for future near the door manners training in Impulse Control II, Leave it, Drop it, Come, polite manners for feeding and continue to address and work with problem behaviors like jumping up. Impulse Control I class helps to lie solid foundation, that will help dog to move on to the Impulse Control II class and  start working with distractions outside.  

Impulse Control II  – Prerequisite of successful completion of Impulse control I and Loose Leash Walking I.  In this class we start to add distractions, while reinforcing previously learned skills including Sit-Stay, Down-Stay , Come ,Place and  Leave It with increased distance  and distractions indoors and outdoors (weather permitting). You and your dog will learn how  to avoid door bolting coming out from the car, from the home etc. Also will learn the routine for near the door manners with the visitors, and polite meet and greet indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) . The classes will be held inside and outside (weather permitting).  

Class Information:


  • Current vaccinations for DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies (Proof from veterinarian required)
    • Your dog must know the basic commands Sit and Down

Notes: Please bring small, easy to eat training treats for each class.

  • Impulse Control I Cost: $125 (cash price)
  • held one hour weekly for 5 weeks
  • Impulse Control II Cost: $125 (cash price)
  • held one hour weekly for 5 weeks

Trainer: Kristina Ackerman

Class Schedule:

**For classes marked “FULL”, please feel free to send your name and contact info to be placed on a Wait List to or call 717-397-0726. We make every attempt to open up more classes if we have the requests and need. **

Impulse Control Level I

FULL April 17, 20241Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
FULL April 24, 20242Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
FULL May 01, 20243Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
FULL May 08, 20244Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
FULL May 15, 20245Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
April 23, 20241Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
April 30, 20242Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
May 07, 20243Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
May 14, 20244Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
May 21, 20245Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
May 22, 20241Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
May 29, 20242Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
June 05, 20243Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
June 12, 20244Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
June 19, 20245Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
May 28, 20241Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
June 04, 20242Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
June 11, 20243Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
June 18, 20244Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
June 25, 20245Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
June 26, 20241Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
July 03, 20242Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
July 10, 2024NO CLASS
July 17, 2024NO CLASS
July 24, 20243Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
July 31, 20244Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
August 07, 20245Wednesday4:15 – 5:15 PM
June 02, 20241Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
July 09, 2024NO CLASS
July 16, 2024NO CLASS
July 23, 20242Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
July 30, 20243Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
August 06, 20244Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM
August 13, 20245Tuesday7:45 – 8:45 PM

Impulse Control Level II

May 09, 20241Thursday7:30 – 8:30 PM
May 16, 20242Thursday7:30 – 8:30 PM
May 23, 20243Thursday7:15 – 8:15 PM
May 30, 20244Thursday7:15 – 8:15 PM
June 06, 20245Thursday7:15 – 8:15 PM