Tread Mill Training

Proper exercise is important to every dog’s physical and emotional well-being. It’s very important to realize that most dogs have been bred to complete daily tasks, beside humans, such as operating equipment, herding sheep, pulling sleds or executing rescue missions. As a result they have a lot of energy that needs to be released. When this doesn’t happen dogs can develop disruptive behaviors.

While daily walks or a 15-minute romp in the yard are a great start, most dogs need a lot more exercise to burn off instinctive energy that demands an outlet. If your dog is chewing on your couch, barking excessively or displaying other disruptive behaviors, your dog could be under-exercised and/or bored.

Active breeds such as dogs from herding, sporting, terrier and hound groups, or any mix of these and adolescents are especially well-suited to treadmill training.

Treadmill training is a great way to provide the exercise your dog needs regardless of inclement weather such as rain, sleet, snow, mud, humidity, ice or hail. Treadmill training also allows you to adhere to a strict, controlled and consistent exercise regimen that guarantees results!

We can help you train your dog to walk on the treadmill so you can provide your canine friend with the exercise he or she needs and deserves. To find out more contact Oscar’s Pet Resort for scheduling information.

Cost: $25 per 15 minute session (cash price)