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December 2006:  Ginger
December 2006: Ginger

Hello.  I am a 3-year-old English Bulldog named Ginger.  I just recently had my first boarding experience and I dare say it was a good one all around.  I had a blast playing and socializing, my mom loved it that I received so much attention, and the staff chose me for boarder of the month!  The Oscar's staff loved my endearing eyes and bulldog snuffle.  They quickly realized that I was a couch potato and loved to catch me laying upside down on my overstuffed Kuranda bed.  Don't get me wrong, I love to ruckus with my doggie friends, but then I have to sit out a few plays to catch my breath.  It was mortifying that the staff thought I sounded like a little piggie--how embarassing. Regardless, little dogs, big dogs, I'll play with anyone and have a great time.