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April 2007 :  Gordon
April 2007 : Gordon

Hello!  My name is Gordon, you can also call me Gordie.  I am a staff favorite here at Oscar's and have been coming for frequent overnight boarding stays since Oscar's opened last summer.  I am a Pug and stand a huge 12 inches off the ground.  I enjoy Oscar's because I get to strutt my stuff in playgroup and swoon all the staff into giving me extra hugs, as I am a very affectionate little man!!!  My Mom always brings a special blanket (you can see I'm curled up on it now) and stuffed toys for me when I come to Oscar's to spend the night, as she just spoils me rotten!!!  I often have skin and ear problems, which the staff give me my medication and injections, to help me feel better.  Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me stay at Oscar's and have such a great time.  And thank you staff for taking great care of my special health/medical needs.