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October 2006:  Drago & Zora
October 2006: Drago & Zora

Hi! I'm Drago (the handsome one on the left).  My sister and I have been coming to daycare for quite awhile.  Well, actually we started out just as boarding dogs, but I was able to convince mom that we should come once a week AND THEN I was able to get bumped up to twice a week (Mr. Persuasive huh?).  My sister and I drag our mom in through the front door twice a week because we have so much fun while we are here.  We get to play with lots of friends and they always have fun activities.  Being that we are Labradors, we often head toward the toy-shred!  We get a huge stuffed toy to rip into hundreds of pieces.  That is very, very cool.  We appreciate Oscar's for giving us this award and also our parents.  Thanks!


Hey I'm Zora (the better looking one by far [on the right]) and my brother's reporting is just incorrect.  He must have forgotten that it was ME who suggested (by chewing the table leg I think!) that we should come for daycare!!!  Brothers, always forgetting how helpful little sisters can be!  Harumfff!!!  Well in any event, we absolutely love to come to daycare.  Every day there is something or someone new to have fun with.  I am the creative one and I learned that it is really fun to go snorkeling in the elevated water bowls; however, the humans realized it was me and thwarted my mini-floods.  See in the beginning, those silly humans confused my brother and I because we looked so much alike, but then they figured it out and I could no longer have my brother take the blame!  Oh, look a game of tug is starting up!  Must run to join the action.  Thanks!