Health Updates


Required vaccinations:  Distemper combination (DHPP), Rabies and Bordetella.  If your pet has expired Bordetella, or just vaccinated with Bordetella, it must be given at minimum 3 days prior to a visit if intranasal and 10 days prior to visit if injectable.   Canine Influenza vaccination is highly recommended, and is a 2 series injection.  Please  have the canine influenza vaccination completed 3 days prior to any daycare and/or boarding service. 
You play a very important role in keeping our facility "healthy".  Keep your pet up-to-date on his/her vaccinations and know the proper vaccination schedule. Do NOT bring your dog into the Resort if he/she is experiencing any symptoms of coughing, clearing of the throat repeatedly, nasal discharge, eye discharge, upset stomach, or diarrhea.  You would not send your child to school sick so please keep your furkid home if he/she is not feeling well.  We will check your dog for fleas upon check in and will notify you if your pet has fleas and a plan for treatment.  Thank you!
               Health Update for October 2017 
*Symptoms are defined as "Contagious" if we have Vet diagnosed communicable illness or observations of multiple pets coming down with similar symptoms, whether through direct or airborne contact*
We are notifying all Dog Park attendees to be diligent at this time.  In the past month+  we have several reports of dogs attending dog parks coming down with Canine Cough.  Canine Cough is highly contagious and despite these dogs having the Bordetella, Parainfluenza, Canine Adenovirus-2 vaccinations (agents that can cause coughing symptoms), our furry friends are still experiencing symptoms.

Starting in the middle of August of this Summer we have had several dogs come down with Coughing symptoms.  We continue to track and reports of dogs coughing and continue to notify Boarding clients of concerns and new reported cases.  Two (2) cases had nasal swabs done and Vet reported Parainfluenza was the agent causing their coughing.

As of October 5th (1) report of a dog coughing upon going home.  She was boarded September 27- Oct. 1st.  Vet testing for Bordetella or Parainfluenza.  Dog is coughing with no fever, good appetite, and normal energy.


As of October 9th (2) dogs (same family of 3 dogs) came down with coughing symptoms upon going home after being here week of Sept. 27th.  One of the dogs was already on antibiotics so treated for symptom relief.  No fever and normal appetite. 

As of October 18th (1) one boarding guest came down with coughing after boarding here week of Oct. 9th.  No fever and normal appetite.  Placed on antibiotics.


All other guests that have come down with symptoms started coughing at 7 - 10 days after exposure (so the incubation period has been approx. 7 -10 days until the dogs started showing any signs or symptoms).     All dogs with symptoms of the current strain of this "cold" are demonstrating fair/good appetite, active, and no fever, with the exception of the Brachycephalic breed demonstrating lethargy and suppressed appetite.    Please discuss any questions or concerns to your Vet about the "failure" of protection from the Bordetella, Parainfluenza, and/or Canine Adenovirus-2 vaccine.  We will continue to check in with each guest to ensure all are returning to good health and keep all customers updated. 

We are continuing to be diligent of our disinfectant protocols and thank you for being patient with us as we are making every attempt to reduce our guests exposure without having to close operations.   We understand we are not alone in fighting this Cold season in Lancaster and we are asking our guests to kindly avoid visiting high risk areas (i.e. dog parks, kennels, daycare, groom shops, or vet hospitals (unless for treatment)) to help reduce the spreading of the Cold this season.  Please talk with your Vet if you have a high risk dog and consider keeping your dog at home if appropriate.

 Due to the nature of upper respiratory infections, we cannot take in dogs that are exhibiting coughing and will need an Owner or caregiver to come and pick up and dog that is coughing while here.  We know this is an inconvenience to the Parent, but a necessary part of keeping our other guests healthy.


Daycare:  All dogs have been healthy the last 2 weeks.  

 PLEASE parents be diligent to keep your dog home if experiencing any eye or nose discharge or coughing/clearing of their throat.      If ill with any of these symptoms parents must keep their dog home from daycare for two weeks.


 Please call to inform us if your dog leaves Oscar's Pet Resort and starts exhibiting any symptoms or illness. We really appreciate it when you assist us with keeping our Health Update accurate and up to date.
Articles for further information and symptoms: 

Hot Spots 
 Canine Influenza
If you are having any concerns or questions regarding whether to vaccinate your dog against the please contact your Veterinarian. Oscar's Pet Resort is NOT making the Canine Flu vaccination mandatory for this season. We are instead asking you to consult with your vet in making this decision AND to educate yourself about Canine Flu symptoms. Please DO NOT bring your dog to Oscar's Pet Resort if he/she is exhibiting any upper respiratory symptoms and/or lethargy. 
        Canine Cough "Doggie Cold" (Bordetella bronchiseptica, parainfluenza, and mycoplasma) is a highly contagious upper respiratory illness in dogs. Please DO NOT bring your dog into the Resort if experiencing any upper respiratory symptoms of coughing, nasal/eye mucous discharge.    
Eye Conjunctivits 
Canine Papillomavirus


 A lot of customer's have had questions regarding chronic problems with Flea Control on their dog.  Please talk to your vet regarding the best topical or oral flea control product. 
Please keep your pet up to date on Flea & Tick control. We do not accept Flea collars as a form of flea control. You MUST have your pet on a topical Flea control program. 
We provide your pet a flea check upon entry and exit with a flea comb.  Please be mindful that if a dog is infested for a long period of time we will often see fleas on the body.  Otherwise if it is a recent infestation, we are able to thoroughly comb your dog with a flea comb and may find flea dirt and fleas.  We will then treat with a flea bath immediately.  Thank you for having your pet on flea control!
  Ear Infections  
     Intestinal parasites
 Feline Calici
The indoor play yards are disinfected nightly and the outdoor play yards are disinfected nightly when temperatures reach above freezing.  Please read the article below for additional symptoms of Giardia. PLEASE do not bring your dog for daycare and/or overnight boarding if your dog is having diarrhea or abnormal stool.    

Clipper Alopesia
Before you have your dog shaved down for the Summer, please read the information in this article.  We do not recommend shaving the undercoat on any dog due to the possibility of causing permanent damage of the coat's appearance.  Please talk with our Groomer before deciding if shaving your dog's undercoat is appropriate or not.
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