Dog Obedience Training by Certified Dog Trainers - Available in Lancaster, PA

Dog Training in Lancaster, PA

Puppy Program

Get your growing 8 - 10 week old puppy off to the best start with our puppy training program, specifically designed to provide early socialization and learning opportunities to help your puppy grow into a healthy and well-adjusted dog (see age requirements).

This is a unique program for puppies, consisting of a comprehensive 14-week Puppy Program that takes your puppy through 3 levels of interactive classes to give them a strong foundation. We strongly encourage those enrolling in this program commit to successfully completing each level of the program.

For Puppies older then 16 weeks, please visit our Puppy class schedule under the Dog Obedience Training program.

Dog Obedience Training in Lancaster, PA

Dog Obedience Training

Our dog obedience training classes are designed to help you effectively communicate with your dog, while teaching skills such as Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Heel. Puppies
16 weeks (4 months) old up to adulthood are encouraged to join, while offering the advanced dog obedience training after your dog has mastered the basics (see age requirements). These classes are perfect for the novice owner or the experienced owner and can be taken individually or as a sequence of classes.

For Puppies 8 - 16 weeks, please visit our Puppy Program.

Dog Trainers in Lancaster, PA

Behavior Correction

Looking for dog training beyond the basics? Do you have a dog who has trouble walking on a leash, interacting well with other dogs and people or has other behavioral issues including aggressive behavior or excessive barking? Our behavior correction classes are designed to help dogs with a wide range of behavior issues. Our experienced, certified dog trainers have many years of experience working with a variety of dog breeds. We can help you and your dog develop the skills necessary to minimize impulsive and aggressive behaviors and promote a more harmonious relationship with your dog.

Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training

In addition to our group classes listed above, our certified dog trainers are also available for private dog training, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you're unable to attend our scheduled group classes or just require more personal attention, our private dog training can be a great way to address behavioral issues or arm your dog with the basic skills that lead to a more harmonious home environment. Our dog trainers can train your dog at our Lancaster facility located on Willow Rd. in Lancaster, PA or provide in-home training throughout the Lancaster area if you prefer.