1st Dog Overnight: $46.00/night

2nd Dog in Same Suite:
(25% off) $34.50 ($80.50)

3rd Dog in Same Suite:
(50% off) $23.00 ($103.50)



Required Vaccinations

  • Distemper/Parvo Combination
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies

Check In / Check Out

Check in is after 12:00 PM and Check out is before 12:00 PM. Please see our Policy page for details and weekend boarding hours.

Please Note: We need ALL customers to keep a current email on file in order to confirm overnight boarding reservations via email.

Dog Boarding

Looking for luxury dog boarding that goes way beyond a simple dog kennel? Board your dog with Oscar's Pet Resort and let your pet enjoy their vacation as much as you do!

We offer clean, odor-free accommodations that include a state-of-the-art ventilation system and 25 climate-controlled suites with central air conditioning in the summer and radiant in-floor heating in the winter.

Each dog will enjoy their own separate suite, giving them a safe and truly personal experience. As an added benefit, staff members live in the house adjacent to Oscar's, providing indirect, overnight supervision.

Accommodations Includes:

Applying is as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. New Guests Submit an application for boarding online or call the office at 717-397-0726 to have an Application mailed to you. Upon receiving the Application, a staff member will call you to discuss your boarding needs and schedule a facility tour. For overnight boarding during peak Summer season (Memorial Day through Labor Day) Boarding Applications must be received by March 31st. If submitted after March 31st, we cannot guarantee any availability.

  2. Complete a scheduled "Meet and Greet". During this time you will receive a staff guided tour of the facility, discuss our daily operations, review our boarding play schedules, and answer your questions. All proof of current vaccinations are due at this time. See General Policy page. An application fee of $30 is applied ($10 per additional dog) and a signed service agreement is completed so both parties are aware of each other's obligations and expectations are met. Management staff will follow up with a phone call after the tour to review all policies and discuss your dog's individualized care.

  3. Schedule an Observation Day in our Daycare program to complete the boarding evaluation. A senior staff member will evaluate your dog's ability to adjust to a new environment, assess for any separation or containment anxiety, and complete an exercise evaluation to determine what type of mental & physical stimulation is best for your dog (private play versus dog group play), all while getting to know your dog.

    We accommodate half day and full day daycare (normal daycare fees apply). We will provide you a report describing your dog's behavior with other humans and/or dogs, obedience, and level of comfort in a "new" environment.

Off Leash Play Policies:

Optional Extras:

One-on-One Agility for Fun

One-on-One Agility for Fun

$20 for (1) 15 min session
Give your best friend some one-on-one time while here for boarding! Our trainer, Kristina Ackerman, is available to provide your dog with added mental and physical stimulation through Agility in our fully-equipped Doggie Dome! Refresh, amuse, and stimulate your dog through guided play!
Contact us to register.

One-on-One Obedience Training

One-on-One Obedience Training

$20 for (1) 15 min session
Give your dog time with our trainer, Kristina Ackerman, and allow her time to teach obedience skills, review and refresh obedience skills, or teach your dog a new trick! Any and all dogs who have received this service in the past have always appreciated the extra TLC Kristina gave to their loved pooch, reported improved manners, and expressed the fun in showing off new learned tricks!
Contact us to register.

One-on-One Nose Work for Fun

One-on-One Nose Work for Fun

$20 for (1) 15 min session
Give your best friend some one-on-one time while here for boarding! Our trainer, Kristina Ackerman, is available to provide your dog with added mental and physical stimulation through search and scenting activity, that fits for any dog - big, small, reactive, disabled etc. Nose Work helps to develop your dog`s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of food, toys and exercise. This is a natural way for your dog to have fun, build confidence, focus and provides safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. Contact us to register.

Trick Training

Trick Training

$20 for (1) 15 min session
If your dog enjoys learning new things & problem solving consider a session for your dog with our trainer, Michelle Carroll to teach them fun tricks. The mental stimulation provided with this session is guaranteed to keep your dog thinking. Your dog will learn to offer behaviors that are trick related with 100% positive reinforcement. In trick training there is NO wrong response. Let Michelle Carroll capitalize on your dog's natural abilities.
Contact us to register.

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