Reactive Behavior

Is your dog reactive to people, dogs or other stimuli? Does his/her reactive behavior make it difficult on walks and outings in social settings? Then our Reactive Dog Program is for you!

Our Reactive Dog Program is designed to equip dog owners with the skills they need to manage, minimize and stop reactive behaviors. We will use positive reinforcement techniques such as Counter Conditioning & Desensitization (CC&D), Click to Calm Techniques, Constructional Aggression Treatment (C.A.T.) or Behavior Adjustment Training (B.A.T.) to help your dog remain calm when triggers are presented.

Most importantly know that you are not alone! Do NOT be embarrassed by your dog’s behavior, as this will only stunt you and your dog’s learning ability. This training is not a race or a test. It is about helping your dog change the way he/she feels about things that cause them stress which can lead to aggression or over arousal. Our goal is to minimize your dog’s stress when triggers are present and to arm you with techniques to keep your dog under threshold by controlling the environment and making it easier to cope.

The first step is to determine the cause of your dog’s behavior. This requires a thorough IN-HOME or ON-SITE consultation by our qualified trainers.  Once the consultation has been completed you will receive a training proposal.

Your consultation will include:

  • Obtaining more history information.
  • Learning more about the daily routines (i.e. family activity, environment, dog activities).
  • Describing in detail the behavior problem(s).
  • Listing the things that you have tried so far.
  • Discuss the possibility of medical/genetic causes.
  • Provide information about why the behavior may be present and offer resources.
  • Review any myths.
  • List realistic expectations.
  • Tips on ways to manage (short term) that can be implemented immediately.
  • Review goals for behavior modification plan.



  • Current vaccinations for DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies (Proof from veterinarian required)

Cost: TBD

Trainer: Michelle Carroll