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March 2007 :  Annabelle
March 2007 : Annabelle

Hi, my name is Annabelle.  You don't have to look twice and feel confused.  Yes, I am a minature fainting goat and yes, I wear diapers and my Mom dresses me in this really cool coat (she thinks I get too cold without it).  The staff at Oscar's fought over who got to bottle feed me and took great care of me.  So what did I do with my time at Oscar's?   Well, of course, I played with the small dogs!!!  The staff put me into the small dog play group, and I picked on the small dogs and romped around.  And where did I stay?  Well of course, my Mom paid for my own bedroom, despite my sister (beagle named Lola) also staying at Oscar's while our Mom was away.  Thank you Mom for letting me get to experience Oscar's and thank you to the staff for a greeeeeaaat time!!!