Dog Boarding Application

If you are are looking for overnight boarding during peak Summer season of Memorial Day to Labor Day, we will be accepting Boarding Applications until the end of April. Please note that ALL dogs are required to complete the boarding interview process. For all other Major Holidays and off peak season, please schedule the interview at least 2 months prior to your boarding needs or call to check for boarding availability before submitting the application form.

Please have your veterinarian fax us a copy of your pet's current vaccinations to (717) 397-0731 or bring a copy with you. We must have veterinarian letterhead on the vaccination schedule. We require Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.

Contact Information:

Parent's Name:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
Best Way to Reach You: Phone Text Email
If text, please list Cellphone provider:
Place of Employment:
Veterinarian Hospital/Clinic:
Vet's Phone Number:
Primary Emergency Contact:
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yourself or spouse)
Secondary Emergency Contact:
Service Needed: Daycare Boarding Both
How Did You Hear About Us:

Your Dog:

Dog's Name:
Gender: Male Female
Neutered/Spayed?: Yes No
License Number:
Tattoo Number:
Where did You Acquire Your Dog?- (List breeders name or shelter:
How Long Have You Owned Your Dog?:
Does your dog have any medical conditions we should be aware of?
Does Your Dog have any Dietary Restrictions? Yes No - If yes, please list:
How much exercise does your dog get daily? (ie walks, dog park, play time)
Does your dog have any friends coming to Oscar's Pet Resort? Yes No - If yes, please list:
Does your dog have any favorite games or styles of playing?
Has your dog had any obedience training? Yes No - If yes, to what level?

Does your dog respond to...?
"Sit" Yes   No
"Come" Yes   No
"Leave It" Yes   No
Do you use a crate? Yes No
If yes, are they comfortable in the crate? Yes No
Is your dog comfortable with having his/her feet touched? Yes No
Is your dog comfortable with having his/her collar taken on/off? Yes No
And used to lead? Yes No
Has your dog ever climbed or jumped a fence? Yes No
Has your dog ever growled or snapped at anyone who's touched his/her bones, food, or toys? Yes No
Does your dog play with other dogs on a regular basis? Yes No

On Leash or Off? On Off


How Many Other Dogs?

Describe Your Dog's Play Style
If yes, would you say he/she plays nicely? Yes No
Does your dog prefer certain sexes of dogs? Yes No
If yes, which sex? Male Female
How does your dog like puppies?
How does your dog react to dogs of different sizes from him/her?
How does your dog react to strangers?
Does your dog automatically dislike any kind of person? (ie male/female, different race) Yes No - If yes, what kind(s)?
Please describe any other information you feel we should know to ensure your dog has a safe and happy time at Oscar's Pet Resort.
The Following Is Required For Boarding Dogs:


Any Medical Conditions/Problems? Yes No - If yes, Please List:
Has your dog ever bloated (Gastric dilation)? YesNo
Has your dog ever had a seizure? YesNo
Has your dog been treated for any medical problems within the past 30 days? Yes No - If yes, Please Explain:
If yes to any of the above questions, please speak to the manager about your dog's special needs.
Medications (Please list names and dosing schedules)
Any allergies?


What brand/ formula food do you normally feed?
Amounts and Times/Day:
Any Dietary Restrictions?
Other Diet Information:
We will be happy to provide our "house" food to your dog; however, sudden food changes can result in stomach upsets, so please bring food for you dog. With medications and food, please bring enough for your pet's stay plus a few days extra in case of emergency or fun extended stay.
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Terms & Conditions:

  • I agree to providing Oscar's Pet Resort a complete and accurate history of my dog's temperament, details of an aggressive displays, and social development.
  • I agree to providing Oscar's Pet Resort the required current vaccination schedule for my dog.
  • I agree to reading the General Policies before my dog attends Oscar's Pet Resort.
  • I am aware of a $40 application fee ($20 for each additional dog) that is collected at the time of the Meet and Greet.
  • I am aware of the Daycare fees applied to my dog's Observation Day, which will include my dog's introduction to the OPR facilities, greeting with other dog(s) (as appropriate), and a report of my dog's temperament, obedience, and social observations.

By submitting this form, I agree that I have read and agree to the above.